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A Healthy Breakfast full of Vitality and Energy

At the Hotel Continental you will awake full of energy where a rich breakfast buffet awaits you, sweet and savoury, hot and cold,
all prepared by our chef Massimo Falco.
A huge variety which will satisfy everyones tastes, freshly baked breads and pastries, cakes and pancakes, honey and jams,
and theres more, fresh fruits, yogurt, cerials and a range of hot food.
We also offer low fat products if you want to stay light.

Have a good start in the morning!

Our smoothies are always popular, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetables for a healthy start to the day.
For savoury lovers we offer, a range of cheeses, hams and salamis as well as eggs and bacon and a range of fresh vegetables.
A nice espresso coffee or cappuccino will kick start tour day!